Contractors Insurance

General Liability Insurance for Contractors

Contractor General Liability Insurance is often required by a contractor’s client (commercial, residential or a General Contractor if you are working as a sub-contractor) to ensure the financial capacity to pay is available in the event of a claim.

More and more contractor’s clients are requiring proof of a contractor’s General Liability Insurance coverage. We issue job-specific certificates of insurance that you can provide to contracting or other business partners as evidence of your requisite insurance. Edwards Insurance will review and discuss insurance requirements that are imposed on you. Often, we can recommend or help negotiate terms and conditions within these requirements that will benefit you. We advocate on your behalf so you can concentrate on the work at hand.

Property Insurance for Contractors

Property insurance provides coverage against direct damage or loss to physical property. It is available in several forms. Buildings, equipment, portable equipment, tools and inventories can all be insured. We can discuss where the value is for you, depending on your specific needs and exposures based on how you operate you business.

We can also provide coverage for job sites. Property at job sites is often subject to theft or vandalism. Windows, doors, furnaces and other items can be insured on the job site, on behalf of the contractor, until such time as it is installed and then becomes part of the Builders Risk or Building coverage.

Surety Bonds and other Insurance Policies for Contractors

Edwards Insurance has Power of Attorney with several sureties and that allows us to issue, stamp and sign bonds in-house. That means faster and more efficient service for you. We’ll make sure that bonds will be priced and issued in a timely fashion so that you can concentrate on bidding, winning and completing the work in your chosen field.

We can also provide “Wrap-up” Liability policies that essentially provide primary liability coverage to all trades on the project. That allows everyone the confidence that all contractors have adequate, comprehensive coverage that will respond as you want it to in the event of a claim. Wrap-ups are usually placed on large projects where many subcontractors are involved and streamline administrative requirements as well, such as collection of certificates of insurance from the subs.

Edwards Insurance took the time to understand our industry and business model. They continue to bring forward strategies to address our concerns regarding exposure to risk. Brian and his team demonstrate the true meaning of customer service and have the qualities I look for in a business relationship, trust, integrity and a timely response to insurance queries.

Karen Dmyterko Controller

JEBCO Industries Inc.