Personal Life Insurance

We seek to build maximum wealth, without assuming greater risk, through improved financial efficiency

Our Approach

Edwards Insurance, in partnership with our sister company Clear Path, create a comfortable environment to help educate our clients so they understand the impact and effect that all of their financial decisions will have, now and in their future. Above all, we believe if clients are aware of the challenges that we all face from now through retirement, and are able to develop contingency plans, it will add to their peace of mind.

Available Insurance Coverage Options:

  • To create the maximum wealth possible. This is a unique value for everyone and it varies based on income, assets, lifestyle, family situation etc. We seek to help build maximum wealth without assuming greater risk through improved financial efficiency.
  • For our clients to spend and enjoy the wealth they’ve accumulated. A dollar only has real value when it is consumed. Most people spend their entire lives accumulating wealth. We want our clients to have the ability to access their wealth.
  • To pass it on. We seek to build family and charitable legacies. When clients accumulate wealth, they naturally want as much of it to get to the right people. Rather than passing money on to the government, financial institutions or other affluent people, we build plans designed to focus on the ultimate transfer of as much of our client’s assets to their families, charities or religious affiliations.
  • One bad day shouldn’t ruin the entire plan; it must work under all circumstances. We want financial solutions to work even if tax laws change, interest rates fluctuate or the markets are volatile.

Edwards Insurance took the time to understand our industry and business model. They continue to bring forward strategies to address our concerns regarding exposure to risk. Brian and his team demonstrate the true meaning of customer service and have the qualities I look for in a business relationship, trust, integrity and a timely response to insurance queries.

Karen Dmyterko Controller

JEBCO Industries Inc.